May 31st, 2007

Sad state of affairs...(x-posted)

I'm a sad kid. Due to various things I have to look for a new job which pays better, which means I had to get rid of the fun hair and go back to my original red. Damn Montana and it's lack of open minds. My issue at the moment, should I grow my brows back? I've been shaving them for about four years now and would like a change from having to draw them on but I'm not sure I can do it. It's been four days and they are already driving me up the wall. Does anyone have any hints/tips/suggestions about growing brows back? I've heard Rogaine can help, anyone have any experiance with this? Also, does anyone have any suggestions about pencils and colors that work with red hair, just in case I break down and can't hack the hair growing thing?
I'm gonna take a couple pictures this weekend if anyone wants to see where I'm at currently.

Thanks to all you wonderful people in advance.