March 25th, 2007


tattooed brows? x-posted

I've been thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed on. I hate drawing them on. I usually start out great at it, and as time goes on I get worse... (I've done stencils but they tend to annoy me). My natural ones suck because the hair growth direction and the shape/height of each one is different - making my face look severely lopsided.
I live in North Carolina right now, but will be moving to Houston in a few years... I was wondering if anyone from those areas (or near by) has had theirs done, and could refer me to some doctors?
Also, anyone who has stories/pictures are encouraged to post them! ^_^

I understand that once it's tattooed on, it's there. Which is why I will be taking the time to check doctors/nurses out, and try different shapes. I'll probably annoy the piss out of them by looking in the mirror for several hours at different angles trying to make sure they aren't lopsided. XD

Thanks in advance guys!