February 12th, 2007

Okay, so I'm being a pansy..

I'm finding myself in the same rut over and over again.
I want to wax my brows off and draw them in..I'm gettikng tired of fucking around with my natural ones or just fucking them up in general while plucking them

I shaved them off back when I was in 10th grade and hardly ever drew them in (which looked horrid may I add because yeah..the browless look didnt work for me back then) or I drew them in as stitches or other weird things of the sort. Basically...I was your typical mansonite douche...I will admit it.

I want to draw them in seriously this time, but as my headline says..I'm being a pansy about it.

I keep drawing fake brows over my real ones, just to get the idea.

Heres a picture of th eoutcome of doing one brow over my natural one.

I'm also getting hair extensions put in and my bangs cut like bettie page..so, keep that in mind.
I'd be willing to post more pictures if it would help with any advice.
Thank you.
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