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Tips for eyebrow piercings? 
07:09pm 02/08/2009
  I used to draw my brows on and ever since I got my eyebrow piercing it's been difficult. The piercing sits kind of low on my natural brow, so the line is right up against the top exit. Do any of you have any tips for brow piercings. Is it acceptable to draw the brow above the piercing?

01:58am 18/11/2008
  I haven't posted here in ages.
I never use my lj anymore...ever. If you'd like to see more of my make-up; add my myspace :D
I update my blogs on the regular :>

HUGE POST. Best cure for insomnia :<
You've been warned.

I was Little Dead Riding Hood.

If I took this cigarette and put it out on you... Would you love me?Collapse )
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05:12pm 01/11/2008
  yesterday was halloween, yay. here are my eyebrows. Read more...Collapse )

hope yall had a good one,
♥ claire
Abstraction! Tonight! Zen Lounge, West Hempstead, NY 
03:54pm 27/09/2008
  Abstraction! is tonight! @ Zen Lounge

Click flyer to RSVP via myspace or print for reduced admission!

email abstractionNY@gmail.com with any questions
DJs & artists welcome to inquire.
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Dismantled : Aerodrone : The Anix - LIVE Tonight in NY @ Abstraction! 
10:41am 30/08/2008
Live tonight @ Abstraction!
The Anix
Guest DJ : Snarf

$10 entry, $7 Reduced with print out of flyer or myspace RSVP (click flyer below)
$3 house drinks $ domestic beer until midnight!
18+ entry
Win gear from PreSonus and Torrent Vaccine 
10:19pm 30/07/2008

Bit Riot Records is proud to announce:

Torrent Vaccine's highly anticipated debut album "Tentative Response"
is now available for pre-order at www.bitriotmerch.com.

Tentative Response is a layered evolution of jagged beats, vast atmospheres

and crunchy synths. Music for the wasteland, this album is a

120 mile per hour ride through a barren and desolate earth.

Forget what you know and enjoy the breeze.

Pre Order now at bitriotmerch.com >>

Learn more about Torrent Vaccine >>

Torrent Vaccine, PreSonus and Bit Riot Records are hosting a remix
contest for Torrent Vaccine's new single exude.

There are 2 ways to win! Submit a remix or simply enter the random drawing.

Prizes for winners and runners up include:1 PreSonus FireStudio Tube,
2 PreSonus AudioBox's, Shirts, CD's and more.

Join the remix contest >>

Bit Riot Records | Hard electronic music | Producing the answer to what's next.

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03:08pm 02/07/2008
mood: artistic

Just a bit of an update. :)


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Abstraction! Tomorrow, NY - XP8 CD Release Party!! 
05:41pm 27/06/2008
Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild - Hear it all now, FREE! 
12:25am 16/06/2008
04:38pm 06/06/2008
mood: satisfied
i just shaved my brows for the first time ever today and i'm super happy i did. 
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08:55am 04/06/2008
  here i am..
drawn right on....Collapse )
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a small contribution 
07:05pm 27/05/2008

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i havent posted here in FOREVER. ill have more coming up in the next few weeks. hope you like! xo

also, anyone in the south florida should add me, and feel free to add my myspace. im in cosmetology school right now and im starting a portfolio. obviously, i like more "funky" styles, so if anyone in the area needs something done...i specialize in color, and wigs, extensions and hairpieces.
NY sA!turday! 2/2 Tutu Party @ Abstraction! 2 for 1 drinks! 
05:32pm 01/02/2008
sA!turday, February 2nd!

The 2/2 Tutu Party!!

2 for 1 Drinks ’til Midnight!!
Anyone wearing a Tutu gets in FREE!!
Father Jeff guest DJS w/ the A! crew

You may RSVP to this event OR bring a pass to be on the Reduced List
Abstraction! is here every week working hard to bring you the best Industrial, New wave, Synthpop, EBM, Terror EBM, Electro & more!
Drink Specials including $2 Kamakazi shots ALL NIGHT!

RSVP for reduced Admission

email abstractionny@gmail.com if you have any questions!
04:06pm 27/11/2007
  just oneCollapse )  
10:01pm 24/11/2007


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06:24pm 19/11/2007
  idfkCollapse )  
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just shaved them off 
12:20am 07/11/2007
mood: sexy
check it
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Zombie Prom is Tomorrow Night! 
05:49pm 26/10/2007
Zombie Prom II: On The Nile"

Bring forth your best UNDEAD FACE!!
Performing live : BLACKLIST !!

DJs Father Jeff, Chris #2, Snarf, Leadgold, Steve C. & No_Requests

Be Crowned this year's Zombie QUEEN & PHAROAH!

Drink Specials all night!

Brains for EVERYONE!!!
Click or Print Flyer for reduced admission!

NY - HALLOWEEN is at Abstraction! sA!turday October 27th! 
06:50pm 16/10/2007
Zombie Prom II : Zombies on the Nile

ABSTRACTION! is proud to bring you an even more terrifying sequel to last year's splattering hit!
Click or print Flyer below to get on the Reduced List.

Abstraction! is every Saturday Night! Email us @ abstractionNY @ gmail . com with any questions.
NY Abstraction!'s One Year Anniversary This sA!turday! 
04:29pm 06/09/2007

Saturday, September 8th 2007
Abstraction!'s 1 year anniversary!!

We’ve rounded up some of our best guest DJs, Made some new GIVEAWAY Limited Edition A! CDs (52 to be exact!), Swindled some drink specials from the bar, and are DETERMINED to show you a GREAT FUCKING TIME!!

RSVP for Reduced Admission!

Click Flyer Below or print it out